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Hats Off to Moms!

January is... Postpartum Depression Awareness Month!

For more information about PMDA please visit: or our Media Kit

How Your Donations Help PMDA!

PMDA: Perinatal Mood Disorder Awareness Ltd. is a registered non-profit organization devoted to increasing Awareness and Resources for Postpartum Depression and Perinatal Mood Disorders, and helping individuals and families get the support they need. PMDA fills the gap, by connecting sufferers to service providers across Canada.
Without your support we cannot continue to Support and Educate Canadians affected by this illness.

...Mothers are far more likely to seek treatment for PPD when their communities are educated about the illness...

Here are some of the ways your donations will help PMDA

  1. Day to Day Operational expenses of running a Non-profit organization.
  2. Our ongoing work to increase Awareness & Resources for Perinatal Mood Disorders, which takes a lot of time and woman-power!
  3. Continued research, construction, and updating of comprehensive, National website.
  4. Time and resources spent connecting Canadian Moms & Families to resources, and managing our various virtual supports for Canadians.
  5. Print sponsorship for posters, signs, banners, business cards and brochures that PMDA distributes to places like Health Clinics, Doctors Offices, Psychology Offices and other locals that Moms frequent with their babies and tots, as well as to support our local Chapters.
  6. Funds to support PMDA's Support & Education Groups Program; support groups that help a great many individuals and families get through a very difficult time.
  7. PMDA holds regular Awareness & Fundraising events. These events take an incredible amount of work and resources, and would not be successful without your contributions!
  8. Continued research, construction, and updating of comprehensive, National website.
  9. Funds to pay for participation in Trade Shows, Training and travel expenses for Conventions geared toward Moms & Babies etc. to help spread the word about PMDA, and increase Awareness & Education.
  10. Funds for work done toward creating a National Awareness Month & Awareness Ribbons.
  11. Funding to hire staff.
  12. Creation of a wide variety of resources and supports (some of which are currently a secret).
  13. Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations.


PMDA is happy to issue Receipts with our non-profit incorporation number, however as we are not yet a registered charity, you will not be able to use them for income tax purposes.